How The Worst Test-Taker Of All Time Scored An 800 On The NPTE.

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(Hint: The Test Gets WAY EASIER When You Study The Right Way!)

(Hint: The Test Gets WAY EASIER When You Study The Right Way!)

One morning about 15 years ago, I woke up in my car, covered in sweat.

In less than an hour, I had to take the MCAT exam. 

And if I didn’t pass, I wouldn’t get into medical school.

To pass the MCAT, you need to get at least a 28.

I had taken the MCAT 5 times before... 

But despite spending countless hours studying (and even taking a Kaplan prep course), I had never done better than a 19.

So there I was, laying in the backseat of my car, feeling sticky from sleeping in my clothes in the hot Florida sun.

I felt like I hadn’t slept a wink...

And as I walked into the test center, I couldn’t stop shaking.

For the next 8 hours, I slogged through test questions I had no idea how to answer.

The whole time, I had this nagging feeling inside of me that I was wasting my time.

What was the point of sitting here all day, grinding through this test and making myself miserable, if I was just gonna fail anyways?

I felt like a rat trapped in a cage, with my back to the wall.

Sure enough, a few weeks later, I got my results back.

And not only did I fail...

I actually did worse than last time.

I was crushed.

This wasn’t just about getting a job. This was about something deeper.

Sure, I knew I could make a great doctor if I could just pass the dang test.
I could help a lot of people feel better...

And I could make a good living for myself, too.

But it wasn’t just about that.

This was about something much deeper.

You see, practically my whole family works in healthcare.

My dad was a psychologist, and my mom was a speech therapist.

So if I couldn’t get into medical school, then I was destined to be the “loser” of the family — forever.

Every year on Christmas, my parents would talk about how proud they were of all my brothers and my sister...

And I’d have to sit there and listen, feeling left out.

I thought that if I didn’t get into medical school, my family wouldn’t love me anymore.

And it was all because I couldn’t pass a standardized test.

In fact, I didn’t even go home for Thanksgiving that year. Because I couldn’t bear to tell my family I had failed the MCAT again.

So, how did I go from catastrophically failing the MCAT 5 times... 

To scoring an 800 on the NPTE?

And how can you use my “study tricks” to pass the NPTE yourself?

Further down this page, I’m gonna tell you all about how I did it.

But here’s the gist:

If you’ve struggled with standardized tests in the past, it’s not because you’re a “bad test-taker”.

You’ve just never learned to study properly.

If you just read through test prep books and do practice exams...

Then you’re studying the wrong way.

And on test day, that’s gonna hurt you.

The good news is that you can do much, much better on the NPTE (and every other standardized test you ever have to take)...

Just by learning some science-backed study methods... 

And then putting them into practice.

Even better, if you use these science-backed study methods, you can actually have a life while you’re prepping for the NPTE.

You can hang out with your friends, watch Netflix, and relax...

Instead of spending 10 hours per day holed up in your room, hunched over textbooks.

What Failing Looks Like

Failing the NPTE is even worse than you think.

Wanna know why?

Well, imagine that you spend the next 3 months studying like crazy.

Then, test day rolls around.

You wake up nervous, just like I did that morning in Florida. 

You’re jittery. You can’t focus right.

Then, you spend the whole day hunched over a desk, battling through test question after test question.

The whole time, you feel like you’re about to have a panic attack.

You hand your test in, then spend the next week biting your nails.

You fret over all the questions you just know you missed.

And you have a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Then, 6 days later, you log into your test portal — and you find out you failed!

What happens next?
  • You’ll have to put your whole career on hold for 3 whole months. (At least.)
  • ​You’ll spend those 3 months grinding through textbooks and practice tests... which isn’t fun.
  • ​Every day, you’ll go to bed nervous that you’re gonna fail the test again, and waste 3 more months of your life!
  • You’re gonna have to tell your friends and family why you don’t have a job yet. (This is really embarrassing...)
  • All your classmates will be talking about their awesome new jobs — and you’ll feel like you’re the only one left behind.
  • ​If you have a job offer lined up, your employer might rescind it... and you’ll have to go job-hunting from scratch.
  • ​And you’ll miss out on 3 months’ salary. (That can be as much as $16,500!)
Meanwhile, you still have to pay rent. 

And your student loan interest will keep piling up...

Your whole life will be on hold until you pass.

Even worse, if you fail 6 times, you won’t be allowed to work as a physical therapist at all.

(I’ve met people before who’ve failed the NPTE 6 times... and they had to move out of state, or go back to school. You don't want that.)

So in other words...

You Can't Fail This Test.

Does that make you nervous? 

Me too.

After failing the MCAT 5 times, I decided to try my hand at physical therapy school.

99% of the time, I loved it...

And I could tell I was on the right career path.

But there was one part I hated:

Taking tests.

In fact, I got so nervous about taking tests, I would literally pass out in the middle of my exams!

(I’m not joking. The teacher would hand me the exam, I would look at the first question, and then my face would fall flat on the desk.)

Now, it wasn’t like I was stupid or anything.

My grades were fine.

I understood everything the teacher was talking about.

And I know I’m a smart guy.

I just didn’t test well!

So needless to say, the NPTE scared the pants off of me.

After all, if I didn’t beat this thing, I couldn’t ever be a physical therapist!

I imagined myself in my 30’s, $150,000 in student debt, working at Domino’s Pizza... all because I couldn’t pass the NPTE.

I couldn’t let that happen.

So I spent 14 months preparing for the NPTE.

But during those 14 months of test prep, I did things a little differently.

I didn't study physical therapy...

I studied how to learn stuff.

That sounds funny, right? I mean, who doesn’t know how to learn?

But when I started studying for the NPTE, I found out that there’s all this new science about how people learn stuff.

Once you know this science, learning anything becomes so much easier.

There are people who use this science to learn languages in 3 months, memorize 100,000 digits of pi, and become Google-level computer programmers in under a year.

This science single-handedly got me an 800 on the NPTE.

And I didn't stop there. Understanding this science has also helped me launch my business, woo my wife, and just about everything in between.

(In fact, anytime I want to learn anything new, I just have to use the secrets I learned while I was studying for the NPTE.)

And "learning science" can work for you, too.

How do I know?

Well, hundreds of people have come to me for help on the NPTE.

A lot of them are “bad test takers.” And a whole bunch of them have even failed the NPTE before.

But once I show them the way I study, the NPTE becomes a piece of cake.

My system worked for Sal. 

Before Sal came to me, he failed the NPTE on his first attempt, because he was studying from books.

Then I showed him all my study hacks, and he passed without breaking a sweat:
“I just didn’t know how to study! When I actually got to the NPTE, I realized that just doing these random memorizations without a plan led to my downfall.”

It worked for Alyssa, who realized she’d been studying the wrong way her whole life:
“This program taught me how to study the right way. That sounds silly, because I’ve been studying all my life. But I don’t think I was studying the right way to retain information long term. This class taught me how to apply information instead of just knowing it.”

And it even worked for Rachel, who usually struggles with tests:
“I’ve personally done a lot of prep courses. But this was different. This wasn’t just your average prep course. This is gonna change you forever.”

And it's worked for hundreds of other people, too.

I have way too many students to list them all here. 

But hundreds of people have come to me for NPTE help... and every single one of them has passed the test!

(I'm not joking. 95% of my students pass the NPTE on their first try. And every single person who has ever worked with me has passed within 2 tries.)

I can help you pass the NPTE, too.

Even better, I can help you do it without getting anxious on test day...

And without you having to study 8+ hours a day for months.

All I have to do is show you the “secret” way to study... and the NPTE will get a lot easier.

And the “secret” can make you a better physical therapist... and even help with everything else you do for the rest of your life.

Wanna know the secret?

Here it is:

It doesn't matter how much you study.

I mean, of course you have to study.

But when it comes to studying, quality matters WAY more than quantity.

You can spend hours and hours poring over textbooks, and still learn nothing!

Meanwhile, if you use advanced study methods, you can learn a day’s worth of material in just a few hours.

Even better, you’ll actually remember the stuff you learned. So you can find it in your brain on test day, and even use it to help your patients once you start your career.

(And you can use these same tricks to learn other things, too. Want to learn to speak French, or Spanish, or Japanese? Want to learn to play piano? Want to learn the skills for a side hustle? Then these study tricks will help you.)

Now, you’ve probably never learned like this before.

That's because most teachers just throw all the information at you and expect you to figure it out.

They’ll give you the textbook. And they’ll lecture a couple times a week. But besides that, you’re on your own!

Seriously, have you ever taken a class on HOW to learn?

Has anybody ever shown you how to study properly?

I’m guessing the answer is “no”.

And if you don’t know these advanced study methods, you’ll probably default to studying the "wrong" way:
  • Reading the textbook over and over again.
  • ​Taking lots and lots of notes.
  • ​Reviewing those notes over and over again.
Needless to say, that's not gonna work.

So, how do you study the right way?

Unfortunately, it’s pretty complicated.

It’s far too much for me to explain on this page.

But here’s the gist:

  • You need to focus on understanding stuff — and not just memorizing. (That means you have to do more than just read.) 
  • You need to make things relevant, so your brain actually remembers them.
  • And instead of learning, you need to focus on organizing the information you already know.
Now, you could teach these advanced study methods to yourself, like I did.

But that took me 14 months. And you don’t have that much time!

The good news is, by working with me, you can learn this stuff a lot faster.

About The NPTE Coaching Program.

When I passed the NPTE, I thought I was done with standardized tests. Forever.

But then I realized:

There are thousands of other people going through what I went through.

I couldn’t just sit on the sidelines and watch them suffer... especially knowing how I can help them!

Because without me, they were gonna study the wrong way, fail, and waste months of their life.

Costing them tens of thousands of dollars in salary they didn't earn...

Plus a whole bunch of needless stress, hair-tearing-out, and embarrassing conversations with friends and family.

Even worse, some of them would fail the test over and over — and it would totally derail their lives.

I wasn’t gonna let that happen.

So, I left my PT career — and I became an NPTE coach.

I was gonna teach other people all the test-taking secrets that got me over the hump.

First, I started a podcast — the NPTE Clinical Files — where I break down how I approach test questions.

Then, for all the people who need extra help, I put my heart and soul into building 2 super-in-depth programs... including my coaching program.

You’ll get access to over 100 hours of study materials — covering everything from how to study, to your pre-test mindset, to NPTE topics taught in an easy-to-digest way.

Plus, I’m gonna help you with a few other things:
  • I’ll help you come up with a study plan, so you can figure out what topics you need to review the most.
  • ​I’ll show you how to use the stuff you already learned in PT school to your advantage.
  • And I’ll help you deal with any “pre-test jitters” you might have, so you can walk into the test center confident!
Even better, anytime you have a question, all you have to do is ask — and I (or one of my coaches) will answer it for you.

The whole class is dedicated to one thing: helping you pass the NPTE on your first crack.

So, why wouldn’t you sign up?

Let’s get into that:

Why You Wouldn't Sign Up

I don’t want you to think this is just some sales pitch. I want you to make the decision that’s best for you.

So, I’m gonna tell you the 4 reasons why you wouldn’t enroll:

Reason #1: It's Too Late.

Do you think it’s too late for me to help you on the NPTE?

Well, if the test was tomorrow, then yeah. I’m not a miracle worker.

But the good news is, I’ve gotten the hang of teaching people how to study for the NPTE — and I can do it pretty quickly.

Reason #2: Price. 

Some people say my coaching program is too expensive for them. 

And look, if money’s tight, I get that. Some people have trouble paying their bills.

But here’s the thing. As soon as you pass the NPTE, you’re gonna start making a lot more money than you’ve ever made before. 

You’ll be able to get a nicer apartment, a nicer car — and maybe even go on a few vacations!

On the flipside, if you fail the test, you’ll miss out on 3 months’ salary. And that could be as much as $16,500.

So don’t treat NPTE prep like an expense. 

Treat it like an investment. 

By working with me, you can clear the last hurdle to your career, and finally start making good money.

If you gotta ask your parents for a little help, that’s fine. I don't know what your parents are like — but if this is what you need to move forward in your career, I'm sure they'll understand.

Reason #3: You Can Study On Your Own. 

Some people tell me, “Dr. Kyle, why would I need to take a program with you?" 

"Can’t I just study on my own?”

And it’s true. Some people do pass without ever taking a single prep course.

Not everyone needs coaching.

But on the other hand, every 3 months, a bunch of people find out they failed the NPTE... and then they come to me.

And they all tell me the exact same thing:

"I thought I could study on my own!"

Here's what you gotta understand: 20% of people who take the NPTE fail.

And the vast majority of that 20% is people who thought they could “study on their own”.

Plus, the NPTE isn't like any of the other tests you've taken before.

It's a whole different animal.

That means you can’t rely on the same study habits you used for the SAT. You’re gonna need to step up your game.

If you wanna skip the trial and error and just get it right the first time, I’m here to help you.

Reason #4: I’m Just Some Random Dude On The Internet. And you still don't know me.

There are a lot of people out there who make big promises they can’t keep.

And here I am, saying I can help you pass the NPTE. 

Why should you believe me?

Well, here are 3 reasons why:

  • First, I’ve already helped hundreds of people pass the NPTE... including a whole bunch of people who failed their first exam. Some of these people improved their scores by 150+ points. (So my results speak for themselves.)
  • Second, I’ve been an NPTE Practice Question Writer for the past 10 years. I’ve written 3 whole practice exams and over 2,000 questions. (Also, the NPTE considers my course to be an official remedial course.)
  • And finally, thousands of people listen to my podcast, the NPTE Clinical Files. (If you’ve ever listened to that before, then you’ve gotten a little taste of how I can help you.)
So in other words...

Sure, I wouldn't recommend this program for everyone.

But man, if I was back in PT school, and you told me about this?

I’d sign up so fast, my keyboard would snap in half!

Because you have no idea how much better you'll feel about the NPTE if you know you've prepared well.

I’m really proud of the way my program has impacted people's lives. Hundreds of people have saved a lot of time and effort (and yes, money) because they came to me. 

Today, they’re working their dream jobs healing people — instead of locked away in their bedrooms studying for a test!

So if you'd rather skip all the nerves and hassle of studying on your own, and work with me right from the get-go... I'd understand.

If you wanna learn more about my program, then I encourage you to fill out the application below.

(By the way, filling out the application below doesn’t commit you to anything. If you’re accepted, you’ll chat with one of my coaches. After that, if you don't want to sign up, you don't have to.)

Here’s the link:

Also, if you somehow don’t pass on your first try, I will work with you for free until you do pass.

When my students do everything I recommend, most of them pass the NPTE with room to spare.

But, let’s imagine you’re one of those rare students who doesn’t. In that case, I’ll work with you for free until you pass.

(Everyone who has ever worked with me has passed the NPTE within 2 tries, so if somehow you don’t pass the first time, you’re almost guaranteed to pass the second time.)

And just to sweeten the pot even more, here are 3 other things people love about working with me:

  • You get to work in a group. Most people study for the NPTE by themselves. That gets lonely. Plus, when they get stuck, there’s no one to help them. It’s much better to have a team.
  • The stuff you learn helps you after the test. When you learn from me, you’ll actually retain everything — meaning you’ll be able to use it when real live patients walk into your practice. Plus, the learning science I’m gonna show you can help you learn any skill you want to. 
  • I’ll help you with your anxiety/mindset. Most people get nervous before they take a test. That's a big problem, because getting nervous before a test hurts your score! I will help you with your mindset, so you can walk into the test center confident.

What To Do Next

If you’re curious about joining my coaching program, the next step is to fill out the application below.

It’s really easy — there are just a few questions, and you don’t have to write any long essays.

Just click here:
If you’re accepted, one of my coaches will get in touch with you to schedule a chat.

This chat is no-commitment, no-pressure, no-sweat. It’s just so you can learn more about me and my program.

You get to ask whatever questions you want. 

And it’s totally free.

Plus, even if you decide not to sign up, you're gonna get 3 things from this call:

  • Clarity. Everyone has specific weaknesses in their NPTE game. By studying up on those weaknesses, you can improve your score big-time. On this call, we will help you identify those weaknesses.
  • Certainty. We will help you figure out a study plan that gets you past the 600 mark.
  • Direction. And finally, we’ll show you the next step — something you can do tomorrow to get moving in the right direction.

The only thing is, do not come talk to us unless you're serious about passing the NPTE!

Because quite frankly, I don’t want to work with students who aren’t willing to put in the effort.

(It’s not fair to all the students who are actually trying!)

So if you’re not serious about passing the NPTE, do not click the link below:

If you are serious about passing the NPTE the next time you take the test, then click below:

I can only accept new students until May 19, 2024 at 11:59 PM EST.
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So you need to decide before then.

If you’re ready to chat with us, then click here:

Can't wait to meet you!

-Coach K.

P.S. Are You Still Here?

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We're here to help you.

Now... maybe you're still reading this page because you're still a little on the fence.

If so, there’s one more thing I should tell you:

The study methods I teach in this program are extra important on the NPTE.

You can skirt through the SAT’s and the GRE’s just by flipping through textbooks — but on the NPTE, that ain’t gonna cut it.

That’s because of the way NPTE test questions are structured.

Answering NPTE questions requires way more than just cramming a bunch of facts in your head. You need to take the time to really understand PT concepts.

You see, the people who make the NPTE are smart.

They want you to prove that you can actually handle real life patients with real life conditions.

That’s why so many NPTE problems say stuff like “A patient comes to your clinic complaining of headaches...”

So if you wanna be prepared come test time, you’re gonna need to step up your game.

Click here to chat with us:

P.P.S. There’s one more thing I need to mention.

And that is, I might not be able to fit you in.

That’s because I devote a lot of time, energy, and attention to each one of my students... and I don’t have enough time, energy, and attention for all y’all!

That's why this course is capped at 75 students.

And it's first-come, first-serve.

So if you want a spot, you gotta hurry!

Don’t wait to the last second to decide. Because you might not have that long.

Tomorrow, if you try to come back to this very page — the one you’re reading right now — you might find a broken link. Because as soon as the 75th person signs up, I am taking this page down!

If I were you, I’d just book a call now. 

Because it's free. Because there's literally zero cost to talking to us.

And, because you’ll learn something useful, even if you walk away without enrolling in anything.

Just click the link below:

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